Young ICT Explorers QLD 2013 wrapup


I was invited back to be a judge at this years’ Young ICT Explorers QLD competition for the Grade 6-7 category. Students from all around the state (and even some from over the border) came to UQ to present their projects in ICT to a panel of judges. On the day I judged 8 projects and visited a bunch more and was very impressed at the range and quality of the projects by the children.


Some of the entries were solo like this girl above who used flex sensors stitched to a golf glove to allow people to grab people in her game and pick them up to prevent them from entering a junk food shop. She’d done all the soldering herself and burnt her hair a few times along the way.



Lots of the other projects were done in teams like these two groups of girls who made african themed educational games to teach kids more about african animals.


There was heaps of enthusiasm for their projects like this group of boys that made a flight game where you fly past famous landmarks and gives the players a bit of information about history and geography.


Some had spent a lot of time thinking about their theme and message like this group of boys whose game centres around Gaia and maintaining conditions for life on earth.


Many had environmental themes to their games like this group that concentrated on education around reduction in rubbish, recycling etc.


These two girls had made a game to help kids learn japanese characters.


Many had fun decking out their booths with their artistic talent.


It was great to see some big smiles when talking about the problems they faced and overcame in creating their projects.

There were lots of other interesting projects in the other grades with numerous autonomous helicopters, lego mindstorm etc. I didn’t get a chance to take too many photos as I was busy judging, but all my pics of the day can be found here.


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Presenting Kinect SDK at Teched Australia

SMIC1608_emailSig_speaking_smlWe’ve seen some exciting announcements around the Kinect for Windows SDK recently – with a new generation sensor coming next year and a new version of the SDK just released in March. In that March release, was a bunch of new controls and the Interaction stream, which I think is pretty cool – you can see my set of blog posts I covered off a bunch of the new controls. This year at TechEd Australia we’re doing a session on Interactions with Kinect.

Details for the session is below. Let us know if there’s something specific you want covered!


Kinecting the Dots – Interactions with the Kinect SDK

When: Friday September 6 11:30-12:45

Where : Central A


The Microsoft Kinect has come a long way since its release in November 2010, with the Kinect for Windows SDK and device released in February 2012. In the latest SDK, you now have the ability to take advantage of the Interaction Stream to help build better "Kinectified" apps. In this session Bronwen delves into the Interaction Gallery looking at some of the Kinect controls and interactions to help you build better navigation and engagement in your next Kinect application.