Element not found on BackgroundExecutionManager.RequestAccessAsync()


This was me this morning…pulling my hair out, trying to work out why I was getting the following error: "Element not found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002802B (TYPE_E_ELEMENTNOTFOUND))" when I called await BackgroundExecutionManager.RequestAccessAsync().

I still don’t know exactly WHY it happens but I found if i had a breakpoint on a line of code (any line..didn’t matter) ABOVE that call in a function it would break no matter what I did.

Move the breakpoint below – all good. Remove the breakpoint altogether – all good.

Hoping this helps anyone else out hitting the same problem. Also if you can tell answer WHY this happens would be much appreciated.


Jumpstarters CodeFest 2012


On Saturday 13 October, we popped along to the Jumpstarters Codefest 2012 event which is a weekend-long festival of innovation. Teams of between 2 to 6 individuals competed to demonstrate a new product or service for the judging panel, with the winner to receive a support package worth $20,000 from ilab to help commercialise their product and jumpstart their business. We spent an hour with the teams to give the attendees a look at Windows 8 and how to develop apps on the platform. It was great to see a bunch of people around the industry donating their time to be mentors for the event!


Windows 8 Workshop round up


Last week we ran a Windows 8 Kickstart workshop at Microsoft Brisbane. I had a fun morning showing off lots of Windows 8 features on both my laptop and my Samsung “Build” slate. We went through a bunch of content in the time period – really we could have spent a whole day on the content but luckily the attendees could take it home and keep playing. The biggest bit of feedback I received was “When are you doing a whole day/weekend session” which is great news. Thanks to Emily for having us in to do the training.

Here’s a few of my favourite resource links for getting started: