Girl Geek Dinner 9 – First dinner for 2010


For our first Girl Geek Dinner of 2010 we’re going to have a casual networking night.

We’ll be heading to Vapiano restaurant in Albert Lane just off the Queen Street Mall.  You can have a look at the food on offer at there website :

Details for the night:

when: 7pm 23 February, 2010

where: Vapiano – Albert Lane, just of the Queen Street Mall

Who can attend: Any female in the IT industry or who has an interest in the industry, or any male invited by an attending member


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Customising Bing Maps Silverlight – Hue Shift Pixel Shader

johnWeeGo[1]Earlier this month at Australia’s first Silverlight Code Camp I showed a simple invert pixel effect applied to the base road map layer of Bing Maps. At the time I challenged the audience to look at pixel shaders to further customise and integrate Bing Maps into their applications. Today Nokola posted a sample Hue Shift pixel shader with source code.


I couldn’t help but quickly apply the effect to the Bing Maps control with some nice results. Rather then apply to the whole control I’m applying the shader in code to just the base layer, this means that pins and navigation controls are not effected:

effect = new ShiftHueEffect();
map.Mode.Content.Effect = effect;
map.ModeChanged += (e, o) => map.Mode.Content.Effect = effect;

The ultimate for me would be a shader that allowed the designer to selectively change the key base layer colours to those of their choosing. Thanks to Nokola I think I now know the right direction to take.

Guide complet de la cartographie interactive

johnWeeGo[1]Nicolas Boonaert’s book on Bing Maps has been released and it looks awesome! Nicolas lives in France and is an active developer in the Bing Maps community.


The book is in French, but amazingly I can still understand much of it 🙂 It covers quite a bit in 450 pages:

  • History, including TerraServer, MapPoint Web Service and Virtual Earth
  • Architecture of the platform
  • AJAX control
  • Silverlight
  • Bing Maps Web Service
  • Building Mobile applications
  • 3rd Party Projects, including DeepEarth
  • Comparison with Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and OSM.

If your interested in Bing Maps or web mapping in general and can read French this is a must. If you don’t speak French but this sort of title interests you, then ping Nicolas and encourage him to do an English translation, he is on twitter here. Great work Nicolas!