ViaWindowsLive – 3 weeks in

BronwenWeeGo.jpgSo what’s been hapenning in week for ViaWindowsLive?

List of blog entries about the site I’ve found so far…

There’s been a few people blogging about the site:

Australian Blogging Conference (blogoz) – My thoughts.

BronwenWeeGo.jpgYesterday I attended the Australian Blogging Conference held at QUT Kelvin Grove Campus


 Overall I thought it was good and congrats to Peter Black for organising it.  The conference covered a number of areas including blogging in politics, legal issues, corporate blogging and the future of blogging.

For me the day was a great opportunity to get away from my desk and lappy.  Being a technical, geeky person, I have only attended “technical conferences” before like Tech.Ed etc.  The conference was a little different as you had a big variety of people..journalists, technical geeks, lawyers, politicians, people who get paid to blog etc.

The welcome intro was quite interesting as it had a professional blogger, a uni professor and a federal politican talking about blogging.  Some of my highlights were:

  • 1/2 way through the Senator said “this is all off the record right?” followed quickly by a large number of keypresses on lappies round the room.
  • Discussion around the use of blogging/Facebook etc in politics and the differences between Australia and United States.

Next up i went to the Legal issues of Blogging session.  This session dealt heavily on copywrite and the differences in the law between the US and Australia.  It discussed a few cases such as first Video Recorder, Kazar etc.  There was a little bit of conversation around defamation and the issue of people asking you to remove content from your site.  It touched on things such as Google search caches etc. which would have been an interesting topic to discuss further.

After lunch i attended the Business and Corporate Blogging session.  It had some great discussion about should ceo’s blog, blogging policy, measuring roi, building a brand/profile.  The session had some great stories of how companies are using their blogs to market themselves.

One of the questions about should you mix personal and business in your blog made me think a lot about our blog.  This is a question we asked ourselves when we created the blog.  For anyone who reads our blog, you’ll know we chose to combine the two.  As we are a small business with clients around the country and world that we sometimes never see or quite often rarely see I think adding personal posts makes us more real to some of our customers.  I don’t think it hurts us at all for them to see we spent some time riding an elephant or doing some sight seeing in a new town.  In a way, it fills in some conversation that they miss out on by us working virtually, rather than sitting on-site in their office everyday.  It also gives potential clients a way to get to know us before they meet us.

Lunchtime i met a uni professor who gives students marks for blogging…man if only i could have done that in my course….He would give them a topic to blog about that he touched on or didn’t talk about at all in the lectures and also made them do their own entries.  Sounds like a great way to get them to do some research/learning and get some marks at the same time.

The last session I attended Building a Better Blog had some tips of how to get more traffic to your blog.

It was great to attend a conference that makes you think about your work/site/blog in a different way.  I guess our blog isn’t particulary’s a bit more of random tips, info, updates etc.  Generally I do most of my posts on things that i’ve gotten stuck on so next time i can find the solution faster.

New MSDN Virtual Earth Moderator

johnWeeGo.jpgI was made the moderator for the MSDN Virtual Earth Forums today. The idea is a moderator can help make the forums function better for everyone. How?

  • Make sure Answers are marked as answers. This makes searching easier for others and also rewards the person who answers (Star system in place and top answer leader board)
  • Create Sticky posts. A sticky post is stuck to the top of the forums, used wisely these can answer the immediate needs of common or timely questions and can prevent duplicate and repetitive posts.
  • Remove duplicate posts. These annoy people that answer questions, typically it’s a glitch in the network connection or a page refresh and the poor user can be the target of the annoyance caused, simple solution – remove them.
  • Make sure Comments are not posted as questions. Again it helps with the searching.
  • Keep an eye out to ensure that everyone is treating one another with respect.

So from today onwards I’ll not only be answering questions but also helping to make the whole forum a better place. First up I’ll be clearing the very old sticky posts and adding a new FAQ and Resources post.

Bronwen is interviewed about Women In Technology and how she got started.

BronwenWeeGo.jpgThe crew over at Virtual Tech.Ed have been dedicating some space to feature Women in Technology.  So being of the correct gender, and in the right place at the right time (Tech.Ed on the Gold Coast), Zaakera, The Program Manager for Virtual Tech.Ed took some time to interview me about how I got into IT, what is great abot working in IT and the problems you come across as a Geek Girl.  See it online or below in the silverlight player.

ViaWindowsLive – 2 weeks in

BronwenWeeGo.jpgIt’s been a big 2nd week for ViaWindowsLive. What’s been happening?

List of blog entries about the site I’ve found so far…

There’s been a few people blogging about the site:

Bronwen and John Virtual Tech.Ed video on ViaWindowsLive

BronwenWeeGo.jpgWhen we were at Tech.Ed this year we were interviewed for Virtual Tech.Ed.  We decided to talk about the new community site ViaWindowsLive.  You can see it online here or i’ve put it on our own silverlight streaming account (so i can always have it) below:


ViaWindowsLive – 1 week after launching

BronwenWeeGo.jpgLast week we announced the launch of our new community site ViaWindowsLive.


Just to make a few clarification to some incorrect posts flying around…The site is not sponsored or launced by Mirosoft.

So an update on the activity over the last week:

There’s been a few people blogging about the site:

Send any other posts you spot that i haven’t found yet…


ViaWindowsLive Beta site released!

BronwenWeeGo.jpgWe’ve been working pretty hard on the new community site for a few months now in our “spare time”.  We’ve finally got it to a stage where it’s ready for public beta consumption.  Check it out here:

It follows in the footsteps of ViaVirtualEarth..but for all Windows Live Services. 

 Key features of the site:

  • Articles – for each live technology
  • Gallery – of working systems
  • Wiki
  • Forums – links to all the MSDN forums
  • Blogs – blog aggreation in each technology area
  • Resources – links to key resources

So now we need YOU to contribute articles, gallery entries , feedback etc.



Technology replacing the wonder of fire

BronwenWeeGo.jpgI don’t feel “that” old, but..”I remember the day when”…the crowd would ignite their lighters and burn their fingers at a concert..and I swear it wasn’t that long ago.  We went to the Powderfinger concert at Boondal on Friday night…which was really good.  The interesting bit technology-wise was to look around the stadium in the encore and see the lights – not from lighters but from mobile phones.

It looked pretty cool and made me chuckle to myself about how the times are changing and how it was probably much safer than a bunch of naked flames.