16 May-new panda keeper


Got up early but the pandas weren’t out and about much at all today. Erlang was up near the side fence chilling just before first feed at 8. Today I had yet a different keeper. This one is the usual keeper for YaYa and Erlang. So after 2 days of pretty much being left alone to do everything, Mr. Lee did a lot of the work for me. He was very cute with them, tummy rubbing, doing some strength training etc. He got me to hand feed them the apples I usually throw in which was a bit scary putting my fingers that close to those big teeth. Last session of the day he got me to do some strength training with an apple on a stick making them climb right up high. No wonder these two are such good climbers.




John got a few pictures of his panda Dabor out in the yard doing some training with an apple on a stick.

No school or keeper english training today so it was fairly quiet. Tomorrow we’re doing our last english lesson with the teachers, doing a best of everyone’s picture night, and letting off some fireworks so should be a busy last full day. Friday we head back to Xi’an.


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