16 March – Nubian Homestay

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We have a leisurely morning before our trip on the felucca. We wander back to the markets in search of some bread for breakfast where we find a bakery.  We’re quickly dragged inside and shown through the bakery and how they make the bread and given samples. Unfortunately we didn’t have the camera as it would have made a cool pic. After many thank-you’s we bought way too many pieces of bread and armed with a big jar of jam from another stand we are ready.

We pack up our bags so only the essentials are with us and head off on the felucca.  We’re served a delicious lunch on board the boat and sail up the nile. It’s actually quite cold and everyone huddles to one side to get some sun to thaw out.  It’s very peaceful floating along the river passing other sail boats and now and then a big cruise boat.  We pull up at a Nubian village where we will be staying the night.  It’s quite spacious with a massive sand courtyard that has been swept to perfection.

A bunch of us go for a  walk up a much smaller sand dune to get a view across the village while the others huddle around our group leader’s lap top and watch movies.  We’re shown around the house and again treated to a wonderful cooked dinner.  Some of us watch a movie and the others play cards for awhile before heading to bed. Tomorrow we have a full day of sailing ahead of us.


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