1 year ago…..

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BronwenWeeGo.jpg1 year ago today I left the safety and security of full time, working for someone else employment, and joined John working for Soul Solutions.

I have really enjoyed it so far.  Even though you essentially work for someone else (on contract or to deliver a project).  It is cool to build up your own company identity and not have to worry about gettig approval for every little thing you want to do, or say on the website etc.  I definatly feel more in control of what I’m doing and where i concentrate my effort.  Plus you’re your own “boss” so you get rid of the whole performance management, bonus, pay, direction issues.

A lot has happened in the last year… 

  • We revamped the website and started blogging and putting up articles here which has seen a steady flow of readers etc. 
  • I could decide to go to Tech Ed without begging and pleading and then being refused cause after all my persuasion they thought it was a good idea but sent someone else.
  • John was awarded an MVP
  • We did a user group presentation on Virtual Earth
  • We’re working with clients from many different countries

And of course it hasn’t been without it’s challenges…

  • I’ve had to learn how to use MYOB (evil beast that it is)
  • Learning to deal with recruiters and selection criteria when looking for contract work
  •  Learning to deal with not having a set amount of money flowing into your bank account every day.
  • And of course dealing with clients that don’t pay their bills.  This is by far the WORST part of having your own company and a very time consuming and frustrating process if you actually want to recover money.

The next year is looking exciting…

  • Going to Remix end of the month
  • Hopfully visit some clients in July
  • Off to TechEd in August
  • Some interesting projects and ventures on the horizon.