1 Sep – Teched NZ – Day 1

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Today was a big day..Opening day – Keynote, lots of Scott Hanselman talks, Ask the Experts, and of course the Girl Geek Dinner.

The NZ keynote started with current and opposition parties talking about their broadband plan which were both well prepared and presented (and i’m not usually into watching political speeches). I must admit I was expecting to see a cool Live Mesh demo so was a little disappointed 🙁

I went to a bunch of sessions a couple of the “big ticket” ones –  MVC and Astoria – Scott Hanselman – both were well attended and went over very well.

Also went to Software as a Service – Anna Liu – I’ve not seen Anna present before and it surprises me because she is a REALLY good presenter.

I kept ending up in the marketplace and playing Guitar Hero. They are giving a way the xbox, game, guitars etc. I’m wondering if i can fit them in my luggage 🙂

Highlight of the night was the Girl Geek Dinner. We had 160 people register which i think is an awesome turnout! Johanna did a really interesting, and amusing talk about female personas in games. The girls organised some great shirts that I’m looking forward to see walking around on people’s back at Tech Ed. When I get hold of some pics I’ll be sure to put them up.